Do People Appreciate How Beautiful Your Dog Is?

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I mean, do they? Do people really appreciate the beauty of your dog? Because if they do, shouldn't they always mention it to you? Have you ever felt a little offended when someone met your dog, and didn't even comment on their cuteness? I *may* be guilty of doing this. Maybe once or twice. 

But sometimes, sometimes people do notice.  

“That’s a beautiful looking dog,” a man riding a fat wheel bike said to me as we passed on a pathway in the trails in the forest, in the town, where Betty White lives. She was gleefully tearing around after sticks, off leash. (okay not exactly in a legal off leash area. But it is really a crime in the whole scheme of things right now. Is it really?? Okay. Probably, if you’re a bylaw officer, but whatever.) At any rate Betty White is my dog. Not, you know, the actual Betty White, who is 98 and probably not tearing around after sticks.  

I thanked the fat bike rider who was not fat at all, only the tires on his bike were.  I held Betty back as he passed, because as an adolescent Golden Retriever, she was focused on getting back to her sticks.

Anyhow, when he was safely passed, his comment made me think about how much I love hearing other people express their appreciation for how beautiful my dog is. I mean, she kind of is, right? And I also know I have absolutely nothing to do with it, so it’s okay for me to just agree. Say thanks and think to myself, yes, yes she is, isn’t she? She’s beautiful and photogenic and just look at her in this photo.

I have so many pictures of her on my phone and I can totally show you if you want to see them. I don’t actually do that to actual people. In case you’re worried for me. I mean not that many people anyhow. The truth is, in my mind, I’m pretty sure Betty could be a dog model.  She’s just that beautiful.

And here’s the thing. 

I’m not the only one who thinks this way about my dog. I have seen the Instagram pages, people. I have seen professional shots of dogs that make me lose my mind and turn my heart to mush because the dogs look so darn cute. I've seen a dog doing a photo shoot at the dog park. And I am down with that.

And by the way, I am one of those people. Okay I'm not maybe HIRING someone to take photos of my dog and I may not be as good at the whole picture taking thing, but I am only kind of ashamed to admit that I post pictures of my dog on Instagram all the time. Because I believe she is just that cute. And the world needs to experience it with me. 

Oh, and I do have this photo below that is quite professional, but my niece (who sells her own delicious and healthy nutbutter and runs social media and is a photographer) took it. It's very beautiful. See what I just did. Slid in another shot for you to admire. 

A picture taken by Cede Sebelius of Betty The Golden Retriever

I truly have ventured into the world of being the crazy dog lady. And I don't feel that bad about it. The force is strong in this one.  But there are so many others on this ride with me. Maybe even more because of Covid. We all just encourage each other by posting and liking and stuff. Because we all believe that our dogs are cute. And we have just the picture to show you that proves it! 

So, I mean, as long as you keep yourself together in real life and don't make people go through lots of pictures of your dog on your phone, I think it’s totally fine to brag about your dog on social media. Even in a way you probably shouldn’t brag about your actual kids. I mean, we all think our kids are great too, but they become teenagers eventually and that kind of taints you for awhile. You still love your kids when they're teens, there's just not so many rainbows and sunshine. But dogs! Dogs go through adolescence, too. But they don't have cell phones. Or steal your booze. They just act like assholes about sticks. 

And they're just so freaking cute. Here. Let me show you.....




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