Should You Check Out the Okotoks Dog Park?

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This is the very first dog park I visited with my Golden, Betty White, when she was just a wee Betty. We had no idea what we were getting into actually. We'd lived in town for a few years, but had no real need to visit a dog park. Bruce the Almighty is not in urgent need of dog play A walk around the block and he's good.
But Betty. Betty is in need of daily dog exercise, and more than just a walk around the block. Dog is a little loco if she doesn't get in a good romp a day.
So, on our first time, we parked and ventured up the hill, not quite sure what we would find at the top.
Betty White at the Okotoks Off Leash Dog Park
But there it was, as advertised! The off leash dog park. It's essentially a good chunk of oval (or circular) land on top of a hill. The entire off leash is fenced, which is a bonus part of the dog park in my opinion. However, there are no trees in the dog park area. There are no obstacles, like ramps or large tubes, that I think would make a wonderful addition. You can walk with your dog in the oversized field, and your dog has the opportunity to play with other doggos
I appreciated when, whomever it is that is responsible for "grooming" the area, added some pathways by first mowing paths through the weeds or grass or whatever it is that's on the ground in the summer, and then by plowing some paths in the snow this winter, so there are different ways to walk, rather than just walking around in a big circle.
It's a free easy to access off leash park for the local yokels in Okotoks. Me being one of them. It's a good spot. I wouldn't say it's an excellent spot, but I will say it's a GOOD spot. The size of the fenced area is good for a local dog off leash area.
There's a few ways to get into the park in Okotoks, a few entrances that link to the surrounding community (Drake Landing) and a parking lot at the top of the hill that took me a long time to find. See it on google here.
My husband found it almost immediately, as he is less excited about climbing the hill to the dog park, but I actually like the extra exercise and transition to and from the area up the hill, because Betty gets a "little" excited about dog park romping.
We use the park on and off. The Okotoks Off Leash Park isn't as ideal for my dog, Betty, because of her possessive issues with her ball and/or stick. When we go out for our daily romp, she is ready to PLAY.
And, she's great with other dogs, unless she has a ball, or a stick. She's getting better, but she's definitely an ASSHOLE if she has a ball or stick around other dogs. She gets weird and creepy and prances around with it in her mouth, and acts awkward, if a dog looks at her ball a little too fondly. If they try to take it or heaven forbid come sniffing when she's searching for it, she snarls and is not friendly. So there's that.
I tried, I really tried to go the dog park and not take a ball, but honestly she just loves to play with them so much and she only gets one big playtime in her day. If there's no other dogs there, or no dogs who want to play and she doesn't have a ball, well she doesn't burn off as much energy. And my purpose for our daily romp is to burn off her energy and get some exercise of my own. I'm weak.
As a result, I haven't been taking her to the dog park in Okotokos as often. I had to leash her and take her out one day when she snarled at a dog who got too near to her ball. I was MAD at her. Bad behavior, Betty!
Instead, we tend to find remote areas around the Sheep River, and we go there to throw sticks or play ball and she can be run hard. I love the Sheep River forests and and paths around town where you can go for nice (leashed) walks with your dog too. You *may* find some areas to let your dog romp around. But I won't advise you on that.
We're talking about the Okotoks Dog Park not my off leash romping. Overall, I think the Okotoks good dog park is a good spot. There are really nice dog owners who use it. There seems to be groups of dog owners that frequent it together and that's another lovely bonus. Especially during a pandemic. I swear, many times during the last year, people at dog parks have helped me stay sane just by providing a little bit of conversation and connection.
The Okotoks Off Leash Dog Park gives Okotokians with dogs a place to get out with pups and get in some socialization for dog and owner. The dogs are well behaved too, I've never had any issues with dogs at all. The dog park is pretty clean, but people do need to scoop their poop every single time. I get it, I've probably missed a few when Betty's run off and I don't see her doing the deed. Maybe dog owners should take some extra bags when the snow clears and help clean up. Maybe they do that. I'm not sure. If anyone in the know, knows, feel free to leave a comment!
Is it worth a trip from Calgary to visit the Okotoks Dog Park? Probably not. BUT I would say it's worth a trip to Okotoks, from Calgary, to visit the town, not just the dog park. Bring your dog and have a nice romp and then go downtown to the quaint strip and grab a coffee and do a little downtown shopping. Hike a pathway. Start at the Okotoks library and then head out behind it, and you can wade into the river and wander around on paths with your doggo. On leash of course. Okotoks really is a great town for the most part. It has some great events for kids. When this Covid crap eases, check out the free events in town. There's a nice small town feel with parades and festivals, and it's a nice break from the busy city.
The Okotoks Off Leash has the essentials. It even provides Poop Bags! Lots of garbage tins to dispose of said poop. You can walk and walk and walk around and around and around until you and your dog are tired. Your dog will probably make friends, and you might even meet a nice person or two yourself.
I give the Okotoks Off Leash Park 3.75 Paws out of 5.
I recommend a few big tires or ramps or tubes to up the appeal!
3.75 Paws out of 5- Poop Bags Provided!

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