Vowing To Scoop The Poop

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I'm not perfect. In fact, I'm far from perfect. Maybe Perfectly Unperfect one might say. Who knows. That sounds like I'm being weird. Let's just say I have lots of faults. (Don't Tell My Dog)

But it did hit me the other day that I have to be better about this one thing. Without fail. I have to be that person who picks up poop after her dog. Every time. I try to do it. But I decided that I have to. Every single time. Because I've decided I am a Dog Lady. Well. Betty has turned me into a dog lady. And as a dog lady, I have to be responsible and set a good example. To myself. So when I complain about dog poop I can know in my heart that I am not the person who leaves it behind. No hypocrisy . 

When it hit me, I was in the forest. It was about -38C with the wind chill and Betty pooped. I kept walking because it was cold enough to kill me, and then I stopped. I turned around and went back and picked it up. Because dang, I complain about dog poop and people who don't pick up after their dogs. And who cares if it was cold, and at that moment I had a chat with myself about doing the right thing. Every. Single. Time. And I was both proud of myself and ashamed for the times I have left poop behind when I've been off trail. Or for some other bad reason. I am out-ing myself and vowing to do better. 

Anyhow. I was walking with Better Butts again today because it is a daily thing after all, and we were in another popular area that lots of people use with their dogs. And it is getting full of shit. Like you know. Literally. And I felt guilt, because yes, I have let my dog poop before and not bagged it up and carried it around with me until I could find a garbage. Because there's not garbage tins around. Um. Because I guess we're not really supposed to be there.

And that's shitty. Not literally this time. Figuratively. Because we're using the open land and forest area and there's no garbage bins around. I know I know, but like I said at the beginning of this chat. I'm not perfect. (There's breaking the law and then there's breaking the law. I draw the line at things that are morally wrong.)  Anyhow. Because we're not "technically" not supposed to be there, and there are no garbage bins to dispose of dog poop, people just leave it there.

And it's gross. And it would piss me off if I owned the land. And I wanted to feel better about using said land to walk some energy out of my dog, It won't be me leaving poop behind. 

And so today, she did her biz and there was no one around to judge me, but still, I picked it up and bagged it and carried it around while we played fetch and then walked on. And I carried it all the way back to the suburban streets to where I could find a garbage. And of course I'm not a hero. 

But I am happy about this pact with myself and I want to do the right thing. Because dog poop is nasty, especially when it didn't come out of your dog. 

Let's vow to scoop the poop. 

Also. I really do know that I could get a good lecture on where I walk the dog. And honestly, I'll listen and nod my head along and agree. But I go to out of the way places, and keep an eye on my dog. I take my poop bags with me. And I won't toss them anywhere, until I find a garbage bin. Because people who toss poop bags with poop in them.

That's a whole other conversation. 

 Janet The Dog Lady

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