About Us

Welcome to the shop!

ThatLadyShop offers custom products for dog lovers, book lovers and coffee lovers everywhere. Our clothing is great for gift giving!

(Even if the recipient is yourself. Maybe especially if the recipient is yourself) 

ThatLady Shop was created by author and book/dog lover, Janet Gurtler and what a coincidence, you can also find a link to her personalized book page, EMAN BOOKS. Over there you can buy PERSONALIZED Dog Books for kids and dog owners.  

Over here, at ThatLadyShop, we like people who say things they maybe shouldn't. Except if it's really mean.

We love to give people gifts. This store is about that. Gift giving. For you and the people you love (or maybe just like a lot) 

Shopping for things can make us feel good. Shopping for things we love can make us feel even better!  

Thanks for stopping by. Did you grab yourself a cute tee and a matching hoodie? What about your kids? And hey, while you're here, are you finding balance in your life, and are you taking care of yourself? Be you. Say What You Mean. 

Try to have fun once in a while. Even during this pandemic. Thanks for popping in!